Thursday, May 12, 2011

Royal wedding - My thoughts

I don't know what my fascination is with Royal people, maybe it's my name "Elizabeth" or maybe it's the dream that all little girls have to be a princess one day but I have to admit I really quite enjoyed the Royal wedding. I thought it was very entertaining and quite beautiful to watch. I loved her dress, I loved the carriage ride through the streets, I loved all the pomp and circumstance.
What I said earlier about my name, reminds me of something funny I heard the other night. I was talking to another girl by the name of Elizabeth and she told me that she thought she was named after the queen when she was little. When asked "Who are you named after?" She would respond with a little attitude "The Queen, duh!"
I will say this, I am grateful not to be a queen. I would hate that kind of life! Yes, sure there would be perks but in reality, you'll never be left alone again.
So really my thoughts on the whole wedding are this. I'm happy for William and Katherine. They seem very happy and seem to know each other very well. I really hope they make it last and I think it'll be fun to see what's next for them. I wish them well!

In No particular order, here are some photos I got off of

Someone posted this on Facebook today and I had to share.

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Rosemary said...

I watched the wedding too and thought it was beautiful, tradional with a little modern flare. It was fun. but wow that camparison to cinderella, that is so funny! I wonder is the cousins did that on purpose to match. Its like exact. thanks for sharing.