Sunday, January 11, 2009

The tale of a Gnome, fairy dust and revenge...

I have been working at GE Money for a few months now and have made some great friends in the process. One of which is my dear friend Jon.
This is where our story begins...
Jon has a little Gnome, I will call this Gnome David (for lack of a better, more original name and plus I liked that show) . David the Gnome has been sitting on top of Jon's desk for as long as I've been working there and I'm sure longer. When I joined this group of clowns (sorry guys but you all are) I noticed that pranks were often times being played on each other. The thing that repeatedly happened though was David the Gnome would go missing. Jon would fret and point fingers but he would always get his Gnome back, sometimes with funny things added to him (like the cute little paper crown I made him). Another time David the Gnome went missing it was serious... He was missing for several days so Jon put up signs "Have you seen me?" the signs would say with a lovely portrait of David the Gnome. So after much ado, Sascha finally confessed to the "Gnome-Napping" and all was again well.

Fast forward a few weeks. Christmas has come and gone and really, David has been happy a top his perch for quite awhile now. I do believe that the "Gnome-Napping" had become old.
So a few days ago, Jon comes up to me suspiciously and asks a very peculiar question "Would you like some Fairy Dust?" He asks. "Um, Huh?" But I notice that Jon is hiding something in his other hand. I tell him no and he wheels his little chair away. Then heads over to his brother's desk. As Jon is talking to Denis I go look in Jon's drawer and notice piles of "Fairy Dust" aka confetti, glitter crap. I grab a handful, walk over to Jon and say "Jon" of course he turns around and you can guess what happens next. Yes, I blew some "Fairy Dust" on him and we made a big ol' mess because of course Jon can't help getting me back and throwing a whole bunch more at me. Finally we calm down and all covered in glitter get back to work again. The day was nearly ending and Sean brought over some popcorn. It was pretty delicious... Soon Jon gets up to leave and comes over to say goodbye and asks if he can have some of my popcorn. I am so nice, I say yes and hand him the bowl, only to find another handful of glitter being thrown in my face one last time. Ha Ha Jon aka "Dead Meat." But the guy gets away before I can do anything and he leaves for home.
So what is a girl to do? I send Jon a text it reads "The Gnome Gets it!" to which he responds "YOU WOULDN'T"
I then proceed to duct tape poor little David the Gnome and hang him from Jon's desk shelf. Take a picture with Sean's phone and post it to his Facebook, with the description "Throw glitter at me one more time and say goodbye to your little friend!"

So yes, I was feeling pretty good about myself and pretty bad for the cleaners who I should leave some cookies for because they had to clean up all the glitter on the floor.
The next day I discovered I was wrong... it wasn't over. Things were fine until I started noticing my computer acting funny. By funny I mean things would pop up 15 boxes at a time w/out me touching anything and then my computer suddenly locking itself up. So I had someone come look at it and the problem seemed to go away. Then after lunch I was really in trouble. The boxes started popping up again and I started to worry that I had a virus on my computer. I had no idea what was going on. I got so nervous I started getting help from my team. Then the notepad popped up and started writing me, Liz, personal messages. That's when I started to get creeped out and very frustrated. Yes I may have overreacted a little and walked away pretty upset. I didn't know what was going on. The problem eventually got resolved and without naming names I found out later that someone had plugged in a keyboard and mouse behind my computer before I had gotten to work and hid it in the cubicle behind me and they were just playing a big joke on me. So there we have it, I got punked or David the Gnome was really sick of me messing with him and he used his powers. You decide. So for your viewing pleasure I have one picture :D Hope you enjoyed my story and don't worry, work really did get done that day.