Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

This is my beautiful Mother, my best friend in the world.
Let me just tell you how important it is to be a mother. This Woman and many women out there are full time mothers. The role includes: Homemaking, nurturing, spiritual upbringing and many more! Mothers are doctors, taxi drivers, film makers, chefs, "HandyWomen," therapists, writers, housekeepers, photographers, coaches and so many other things I can't even name them all.
My mother in particular is a superwoman. She is the mother of 8 Children, that's right 8! I am the third child and often times require a lot of attention. She's so amazing though, she gives me all the attention I need plus all the attention needed for my 7 other siblings, 4 in laws, 2 nieces, 2 nephews and 2 (what she calls) "Grand-Doggies" Not to mention she's a loving wife. Another thing I appreciate is the relationship that my Dad and Mom have. They are best friends and confidants and they still date and are still in love. The respect they have for each other is neat to witness.
I had the opportunity this year to treat my mom on her birthday which was just last month on April 25th. What a fun day! We did lunch, pedicures, I did her hair, we had ice cream and chocolate and lots of fun conversation. I wish I could do this for my mom every week it was so much fun. She's always there for me and I want to always be there for her. The best thing about my mom is what she has taught me about the gospel. Countless times in my life I have memories of staying up late with a few of my siblings, gathered around mom and listening to her words of wisdom. She has a huge testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Her and Dad have raised us up right, we've had many early morning scripture reading that at the time I grumbled over (I'm not a morning person) but now I look back with appreciation.
She has taught me to love so many things in this life and so many people. She's full of love for everyone and has been counted as a mother to many.
Thank you so much for being my mother. I love you dearly!

Left to Right Jesse, Mom, Me, Mica


Sage said...

I love your mom too. You are blessed to have her as your mom and I am blessed she is my sil!

Sage said...

Liz, that's a lovely tribute to your mom. I love her too!