Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Shakespeare in Love, Indiana Jones and Lucille Ball?

I'll tell you what that is... A rather fabulous birthday party for Whitney! (aka Lucille)
This is my dear friend Whitney with the red hair. She is so great and is amazingly creative and just so happens to have a true love of movies and film. She just recently finished directing her first BYU film, "Best wishes, love Adele" Also written by her. I was able to do the hair in this film and it was a blast. There are pictures from earlier in the blog about that film under

Liz... An update

So as I was saying, she is very creative and this year for her birthday party decided to do a Hollywood themed party. She had me do her hair as Lucille Ball and as some of you know last year I had some rather Blond extensions for my own hair. I decided, in light of the party to wear my extensions again. I have blond hair again and I love trying out new things. I wore my extensions down with no idea of what I was going to be. Whitney pulled this lovely dress out of her closet that her and her sister made years ago for her high school Choir and Voile! You have, Gwyneth Paltrow, "Shakespeare in love." I think Whitney's hair, makeup and outfit turned out perfect. We had a lovely evening and even Indiana Jones Showed up. This party was a blast and I hope to do it again sometime.
Stay Tuned for more pictures!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A belated birthday tribute to mommy dearest, April 25th

I love my mom so much, I wouldn't be the same without her. She's my best friend and my hero. She gives me the greatest advice and has more patience than anyone I know. She's amazing and if you don't know her than you are missing out. This mother of 8 is #1 in my life and I'm so happy to be her daughter!mom and 3 kiddies on her lap (from left to right)
Jesse, Me, Mica

My brother, the missionary

While waiting for Toby my hilarious cousin Berkeley ran up the stairs and reenacted her own coming home from the mission. Very exciting moment, I love her!

Last night my darling little brother Toby got home from his mission in Madagascar. After a 32 hour flight he arrived home to a cheering and somewhat overwhelming crowd (with "He's Alive" signs in tow), poor Tobin. But boy were we glad to see him. We arrived and his flight was nowhere to be found on the arrival board so we played a guessing game that he had already arrived and luckily about 20 min later, there he was, coming down the escalator. What a great moment and another moment for me to cry like a baby or like grandma Knell (take your pick). He looks so good! 30 pounds lighter but looks great. He had the classic missionary garb on, including his tag and warn out shoes. He had his guitar strapped to his back and was walking down with one of his mission buddies who also returned. Many warm greetings, and a few pictures later we headed to find his luggage. Sadly that got a little lost on the way and is supposedly going to be here today. Hopefully they got it :)
After saying our goodbyes to everyone who came (picture down below) we headed over to the Stake center where President Bourne released Toby so, as Berkeley put it, "He can watch TV"
That was the best part. Toby was able to share some amazing experiences in that quick meeting with us. I am so proud and blessed to have such a spiritual brother (brothers really). Toby has grown so much and it's great to witness that. I can't wait to hear his Homecoming talk, on Mother's day! We all went home and were serenaded by Toby and the greatly missed guitar skills that he has. He played a few Malagasy songs and they were beautiful, we also sang some family classics, Weezer's "Say it ain't so" (I know, pathetic) and we got to just revel in his presence. Hopefully Toby gets some sleep in these next few days. He has a lot of adjusting to do but we will help him. It's so great to have him home!

The proud Mom and Dad and Toby

Thanks to all you who came!
Mark, Julie, Berkeley, Allie, Josh, Dee, Marissa, Rebecca, Carrie, Nate, Natasha and Elisa.
Thanks Nate for taking the picture!

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