Monday, June 1, 2009

Pretty Bab...ies

There have been a lot of changes lately but the most exciting change is that Micaela and Phil are moving back to Salt Lake with their 3 lovely chillins. I'm so excited because I just adore these little ones. Another exciting change is that Micaela's sister in Law Abby just got married. This brings us to the reason of this post. New Hair! Yay!
Ok disclaimer, yes I do hair. Yes I know how to cut children's hair but in this case I thought it would be alright for the girls to go to Cookie Cutters instead of me cutting their hair. Cookie Cutters is an awesome place set up just for children's haircuts. It's quite brilliant actually! They have cute little stations, each equipped with children friendly items, including but not limited to: Salon chairs designed to look like airplanes/cars etc... Playstation, and DVDs to watch so they stay focused. Here's the deal with cutting kids hair, It's hard! Children are all born with a short attention span (sometimes even as adults it's still the case) therefore, cutting their hair can be a nightmare. Have you ever tried to cut bangs on a child and they move their head and all of a sudden you've cut off way more than planned? Well I have! It's frustrating and then you feel bad. The most clever thing I could come up with when cutting a child's hair was to put my monster cape on them, point out a monster for them to look at and have them count to 10. Yeah it worked a little but they got bored fast. So anyway, my point being, I fully support my sister's decision to take the little ones to Cookie Cutters for their first haircuts. Plus, then I got to take pictures, woo hoo!

This is V before in the front

V before in the back

E Before in the front

E before in the back

Mica consulting with V on how she wants her hair

The lovely and talented stylist Rebecca

haha, this just cracks me up

Pretty Baby, waiting patiently
P has perfect hair right now

Cute E, being well behaved for Leslie

Another talented stylist, Leslie

Drum Roll Please....

Tada! Look at these babes!

Although he didn't get a haircut he's still just as cute as ever

and surprise
Pretty Mommy!
Mica got some fancy hair as well!

So there you have it, something new and exciting, I can't wait to see my nieces and nephews more often. They are only going to live about 10 min away from here. It just makes me happy!

Dear Blog World...

I am not dead, I am only sleeping...

Sincerely, Lizzie