Friday, July 18, 2008

I rather catch a duck otherwise titled Gone Fishin'

I want a pet duck

If any of you know me very well, then you will know that I detest eating fish. Not only do I not like eating fish but I also do not like touching fish. But even stranger still, I love fishing! My friend Otto took me fishing the other night. After hopping on over to Walmart to get a fishing license we headed up the canyon to Silver Lake. It was beautiful up there and we had about an hour and a half left of sunlight so we quickly pulled out the fishing rods and headed down the boardwalk. We arrived at the dock where there was a total of about 7 other men already fishing. They were a hoot. One kept bragging that he had already caught his limit (the limit is 4 at Silver Lake) and that he caught all his friends limits as well.
Otto tried out his new fly fishing kit but was later unimpressed. Another thing about me you need to know is although I enjoy fishing, I refuse to put the bait on the hook and even more disgusting to me is after catching the fish, pulling the hook out of this fish's mouth! This being said Otto set me up with a nice fishing pole already prepared to fish. He put the bait on the hook and tied all the knots to secure the hook and weights. So after a few (probably frustrating minutes) of watching me fish, one of the random guys (who later we knew as Nate) came over and told me he would help me catch a fish. Before you know it I caught 3 fish and Otto none. What a triumph. But just so Otto doesn't feel completely lame, really all I did was let Nate cast the fishing line, he'd watch for a bite, then he would yank the pole which at that point all I had to do was reel the fish in. So I didn't really catch fish but I sure felt special anyway as if I had. So after making the men do all the hard work (pulling out the hook, Otto gutting the fish) I have 3 fish in my fridge and no one to eat them. But I sure had fun, Thanks Otto!

p.s If anyone would like the fish leave me a comment :)

Fish #1 doing good

Fish #2 They made me hold it, Yuck!

Tada! 3 fish

My fishing Teachers Otto and new friend Nate

Otto, the official fisherman

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Favorite Shelf.

I love this shelf, On it contains my favorite books of the moment and my all time favorite show, "The Gilmore Girls" I hope you feel the same.


"What an odd title for a blog" you may be thinking. Of course after you read on you will soon know why.
A couple of weeks ago I was asked by my friend if I wanted to join in on a late night service project for his ward. I said "sure" and headed over at around 9:00 p.m.
Around 10:00 we arrived at the Ice Skating Rink up here in SL and met up with his ward. We were promptly handed a laminated piece of paper with a condition and symptoms written on it. At this time I had no idea what we were in for. I was thinking, Service project = planting flowers at the local park or something like that. I leaned over and asked my friend Jon "What are we doing" I was told that we would be pretending we were sick. Soon found out we would be part of an annual test for the fire department and hospital in case of a severe emergency. Before beginning this exercise we were given a scenario. The story went like this. We were at a party at the ice skating rink and someone had taken the Zamboni and poisoned the ice with a chemical and we became contaminated. So armed with our story we headed outside on the lawn to await the fire department. At this point in time the fire department and the hospital (except for a few people) had no idea that this would be going on that night. They showed up and really believed that we were contaminated with a deadly chemical and told us to stay where we were and not touch them. Too bad most of us had the giggles and couldn't keep straight faces for more than a minute. Soon I believe the whole department was aware of what was really going on but they had to continue on with the drill. So we waited for a while while they set up the trailer to spray us all down. We had to give them our names and tell them what was wrong with us. Our symptoms included "Sweaty palms, unsteady gait, tingling in our hands and feet." I at this point was pretty scared because they were telling us we needed to strip down and completely wash off. Luckily as I said before they knew this was just a drill and so they were messing with us. Finally after a long wait it was girls on the left, boys on the right and we each in turn stepped into the trailer where normally you would strip down, shower and throw away anything you touched (including cell phones, purses, anything). After they handed each of us a white jump suit that we had to put on and wait until the ambulance showed up. I had my first (and hopefully last) ride in an ambulance over to the hospital. By this time it was about 12:30 A.M and we headed over to the emergency room where before we went into the hospital we were surrounded again by firemen. This time covered head to toe in protective gear. I felt like I was in one of those sci-fi movies. They had us step into the trailer again to walk through several different shower areas. They explained what it would be like in a real situation and I hope and pray I never really have to experience anything like that. You are already traumatized by the fact that you are contaminated and then you have to strip completely naked in front of strangers (most likely men) and throw everything away. Scary stuff! Then we went up and were greeted by a doctor and nurse and brought into the hospital where we received several strange looks from the people in the waiting room. We had to speak to a few more nurses who took our vitals and then wrote down on their charts what they would do if it were a real situation. This part was kind of funny because we all received fake names mine was "Dance, Disaster" We finally got out of there around 2:00 a.m. (had to get up for work at 6:00 a.m) and rode back to our cars in an ambulance. It was quite an interesting night and most definitely the strangest service activity I'd ever done. I met some great people and had a fun night. Now for the pictures.

Erin, me and Jon
Otto, Jon, me (and half of Erin) a little too happy after being Hazmat-ted

This picture was taken by the nice fireman

Jon and I pretending to be so upset about our ordeal. "We are never going ice skating again!"