Thursday, December 25, 2008

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The new photos on my photography blog

Website and new name for photography business in progress :)

This is Kirstyn, the daughter of a high school friend.
She was a pleasure to work with. Just look how cute she is!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have fallen of the blogging world cliff so to speak. I haven't been heard from or seen in quite a while. You may be one of my faithful followers and have been asking yourself why? Well I'll tell you why. Life has been sort of... well, crazy! But in a good way. As Maria says... "Let's start at the very beginning."
On the 22nd of November Jesse and Susan were married in the Logan temple. It was a beautiful day (a little chilly) but the skies were clear and sunny. We had a nice drive up to Logan that morning and were soon greeted by the newly happily married couple. I've never seen a bigger smile on my brother's face and I have a photo down yonder to prove it :)
I am so happy for my brother Jesse and his new beautiful wife Susan.
Yes things were crazy, the Drapers were running around like mad and it wasn't always peachy keen but the day turned out beautiful and a fun time was to be had by all. The reception was held at the Salt Lake Hardware building and it was great.
So, one down, one more to go

In the meantime, Micaela my older sister, mother of two girls was about to have her baby any day. Now as I'm writing this I'm not exactly sure whether or not he was born on the 2nd or 3rd of December but Paul Roland Webb was born and unfortunately had a rough time in the start and was in the ICU for a few days. Luckily with a lot of prayers he soon was home. Then on Friday December 5th, Sascha and Ian were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Another beautiful day! We had a lovely luncheon over at the church where Mom had prepared her delicious Clam Chowder. Wait till you guys see Jesse and Sascha's wedding videos!
Saturday morning Toby and I woke up early to go to my parent's ward's Christmas party where Toby played the guitar and I sang "Breath of Heaven" for their ward. It was so wonderful to sing along side my brother for the first time since he's been home from his mission. I got to repeat this again later in the evening when we sang at Sascha's reception at the beautiful home of the Webb's. Thanks so much Webb family, You are amazing people and I love you so much! I was finally able to hold my new nephew for the first time that evening and my dear brothers and sisters... There you have it, BLESSED!

Please enjoy the photos and I again (as always) apologize for my sloppy writing skills and late night rambling.
Thank you, and goodnight!

p.s Wish me luck, I get my Wisdom Teeth removed on Monday :P .... Not so blessed ;-)

I think he looks a little like Emma, Toby and Jesse

Not the whole wedding party but part of it.

The Amazing parents of these two wonderful people

The happy couple!

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Draper!


The New and Improved Draper Family/Empire ;)