Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ABC's about ME -From Lacey

A) attached or single- Single and having a blast
B) best friend- Betsy, Rachel and Kristi
C) cake or pie- Oreo Crust with ice cream in the middle pie only.
D) day- Friday night and Saturday. I love the feeling right after a long week and going home on a Friday. It feels like a mini vacation every week.
E) essential item- Phone, Camera, and Computer. I feel so afraid without my phone. I like to know that I can be reached and that I can get a hold of people if I need to. I love my camera! I can't do without my photoshop and my internet on my computer.
F) favorite color- Blue and Chocolate brown. Green too.
G) gummie bears or worms- Lacey, I'm not a gummy fan either unless there's sour stuff on it. Sour Patch kids.
H) home town- Mostly Provo.
I) indulgence- Ice cream, Gilmore girls, posing for pictures is also fun for me.
J) January or July- July, I love the months of Summer and all the festivities.
K) kids- ? I'm single... nope. But I have hamsters.
L) life is incomplete without- My family, the gospel
M) marriage date- Since I stated in the beginning I'm single I'm going to change this to M-MOVIES - Pride and Prejudice.
N) # of siblings- 7 + me = 8
O) oranges or apples- oranges. They taste better
P) phobias or fears- amusement parks, Ironic I know, car accidents, losing a loved one.
Q) quote- I can't think of any at the moment so just think of every funny movie quote and laugh.
R) reason to smile- Emma and Vera, my friends, singing, playing the drums, drives up the canyon. Life in general makes me smile :)
S) season- summer and fall. especially fall. I love Halloween, the leaves, the crisp air. It's so pretty!
T) tag- I Tag Rachel, Mica, Gretchen, Cassie, Sascha, and Tiffany, Ashlee, courtney and Josh and DEE
U) unknown fact about me- I am left handed when I write but do everything else right handed including cutting hair and writing in the sand with my finger. I sang the National Anthem at 3 college hockey games
V) vegetarian or oppressor of animal- I don't like meat all that much but I love chicken.
W) worst habit- staying up too late. Even when I have nothing to do.
X) rays or ultrasounds- um, weird question. I probably would like an ultrasound better. I guess?
Y) your favorite food- Mom's Persian food. Pizza
Z) Zodiac sign- Virgo

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy birthday to an amazing brother in law

You are one of a kind. You are an amazing Father, husband, brother in law, and person. I look up to the marriage you and my sister have and hope one day I will get lucky like she did. You are a great friend too and I am happy you are a part of our family now. It's great to watch you with little Emma and Vera. You are such a good dad! I hope you have an amazing birthday and it was wonderful to see you this last week.
Love you!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another happening, Bees Games

Thanks to where I work I've been able to go to some fun baseball games in 2nd Row seats. The Games were a blast even though I probably spent more time taking pictures than actually watching the game. Oh well... Rachel is my best buddy and thankfully was able to come with me always last minute, she's great!

If you stick your tongue out at me it's going to get posted on my blog ;)
But don't worry Rachel, I made a dumb face here which was also posted.

Rachel and Dave

Me and Kyle

This is what happens when you start trusting that the mascot is a nice little Bee

1st Bees game about a month ago
(photos from Rachel's blog)
Jamen, Rachel, Me, Cameron

What's going on with me?

Ol' Blue aka Otto

First things first...
About 3 weeks ago now I had my wonderful mechanic Jesse (not my brother) come over and look at my car because it's been acting up again (if you know anything about the history of my "Bouncy ball blue" car you'd not be surprised). Now Jesse looked at my 1992 Oldsmobile with 190,000 miles on it and told me the honest to goodness truth, that thing is a deathtrap, money pit, pile of junk (ok I am embellishing just a wee bit). But after some thinking I decided to take a leap and buy a car. Good thing too because a week after deciding I was headed downtown with my little brother Thomas and my car died while getting on the freeway on ramp. We ended up walking up foothill (which believe me is no foothill) So without further ado, here she is! My new Volkswagen Passat. I think I will name her right here and now. Ok with the help of Carrie, her name shall be Lola. Yeah I think it works.


and here are the differences in Keys. We have my 2 key set (one to open one to drive) for Ol' Blue and my switch blade style keys for Lola. I am liking them very much. I even have a panic button which I will be sure to push on stressful days :)