Saturday, April 23, 2011

So fun, Let's do that again!

Now I'm on a roll! The following pictures are of my family's Christmas at Mom and Dad's. We have a lovely tradition of eating Persian Food and receiving Christmas Crackers every Christmas Eve. Additionally we hear the lovely Nativity Story as we watch the youngins act it out. E was Mary, V was the angel and M was Baby Jesus. So cute! We have our Christmas stockings that mom made when we were young. Mine is the one held by the Christmas tree. Speaking of Christmas trees, isn't ours cute! Notice our Ode to Florida? - Santa in swim trunks? and last but not least as a special treat I have included an embarrassing photo of Yours Truly in our last Christmas Eve tradition, NEW JAMMIES! p.s Don't knock em till you try em!

Notice Mabs Laughing, and Baby screaming.

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